Friday, February 22, 2008

minute paper [21 feb]

sorry this is a little late :(

this class was so entertaining! everyone is so creative and i enjoy the different ideas you all come up with. i thought it was awesome how people put together actual skits and got the class involved. the group with the 4 forms of government was funny, as was the group led the mission to plant the flag in diamond head. good stuff!

stuart, i thought that those projects your department did in chinatown was really awesome. what a cool way to get your points across. those examples make our upcoming project with the art students exciting.

Minute Paper 2/21/08

I thought today's class was really fun to act out.  It was interesting to see everyone's creativity put together.  I liked the idea that we had some kind of idea to start off with instead just coming up with our own scenerio from nothing.  Today's activity along with Tuesday's activity gave us students a chance to really get to know each other better and working together in expressing our creativity.  The slide show at the end of class was also intriguing with the different projects taking place in Chinatown.  The idea of making fake announcements or monuments to get people's attention about our future environment was very interesting.  I definitely enjoyed today's activity on the revolution of Hawaii.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Minute Paper 2/21

Once again, everyone did well on their presentations today. Stuart's skits were really creative and funny. I can't believe they didn't get into any trouble. I think this kind of thinking is good for us and everyone in the world. If Stuart and his collegues can affect people the way they did, then a lot more is possible. I think there is a fine line between making people aware of the future and scaring them, causing panic and chaos.

Revolutionary Hawaii (2/21/08)

I really enjoyed class today and all the groups did their best. It was
very entertaining given a specific and detailed scenario of the futures
in Hawaii. I found two group presentations very convincing and
interacting, the first one was about 4 different governments and the
second was like a military disciplined society. Then we went more into
looking to the different approaches of the futures by watching the
videos. After watching the videos, I was dedicated to the work bring
about by the futurists. The futurists have fun with what they doing and
by taking different issues in a systematic process it can results to
influencing new futures. We should keep in mind that there is "limits
to growth" so we can engage naturally to experience each kind of
futures and be open-minded to accept analysis of the distinct and
surprising futures. The next big level to take now is that we need to
find a future that best suits our values and characters. The futures
theater will be getting more excited each day in class. Have a great
weekend everybody!
posted by ruta...


it was something different. it was something special. these are some of the ways I could sum up the experience we had in class today. I'm having lots of fun mostly because there is no reading! hooray and of course the activities we are doing in class is super interesting. I like how we get lots of time to come up with scenarios and stuff. It gives us time to think about the issue for a good time. I like how we talk alot and stuff with classmates. I get to know what other people know and We interact with each other as friends. The whole experiment with chinatown and stuff was extreme. i would have been pissed if i saw those signs and believe it's true and find out later that it's not. but you know nobody got hurt so it was definitely something we could learn from. how people reacted and all that stuff must have been a good examples of how people reacts to that kind of situation. It was really fun. I really want to get into this kind of field of study in the future.

Minute Paper 2/21

Everyone's presentations went well today. I was surprised by my groups presentation on how well it went because  we had all pretty much winged it. The presentation on taking back Oahu from the homeless was hilarious and everyone in each group did a good job in putting forward their information.


I thought todays class was really awesome; i loved seeing what
everybody came up with for their possible future. It seemed like this
time around there was a much better understanding of what was expected
of us and i was surpirsed by all of the groups creativity. Aside from
seeing how important it is to engage the audience, i also noticed that
getting the message across is alot more effective when the people
presenting it get into character and really know their stuff. It made
it more of an experience rather than just a presentation. I also
enjoyed being able to relate to many of the geographic locations, for
example the mission on diamond head. It made it that much easier for me
to place my self in the situation. It was really really cool to see
what kind of things that futureS program at UH does to increase
awareness, up until this point i wasn't really sure what kinds of
things they did, so it definitely gave me a better understanding of
what this class and futures studies is about. The scenarios they
created that we saw today were all very inventive, experimental, and
inspired. It's really encouraging to know that there are people out
there who are truly trying to make a difference by opening peoples eyes
to the possibility of futureS. It seems like such a great time to be
learning about futureS studies and its cool that we all get to play a
little part in the futures movement.

Andrew's Minute Paper 2/21

Two of the presentations in particular stood out to me today, each for its own rather funny, and therefore at least in my mind attention grabbing, element. One that stood out to me was the vision of Hawai'i as a series of effectively separate but interacting island governments. In particular, the one that really made me laugh was what I have come to call the "Totalitarian Bitch-tatorship" government. As soon as it was announced that a shirt that was not white was in fact white, this presentation really had my attention. The other presentation that really got my attention was the military briefing on the retaking the state of Hawai'i after the hurricane and subsequent breakdown. Numerous hilarious things really got my attention in this one, whether it was the kukri among the 'gang' weapons or the comical 'commander' giving his instructions for the 'battle' with his back-scratcher. I found that while all the presentations were interesting, the comic elements of those two really got my interest.

Minute Paper 2/21

Today was take two of futures theater, and I must say it definitely had its moments. Overall I felt that it was a lot easer to put together today’s presentation because even though we where not able to be as creative with the scenarios our group presented this structure allowed use to formulate our ideas faster, with more detail, and with more creativity within our scenarios. Today was also interesting because we got to see some examples of what can be done with simulated interactive futures when done by professionals with funding and time to fully plan out their different possible futures which allowed us to see what some futures could possibly be like in vivid and well rehearsed detail along with giving us a taste of how people react to these new ideas.

Mark Alexander

Minute Paper 2/21

Todays presentations were a lot better than tuesdays in my opinion.
They were a lot more interesting because a brief topic was already
given to us. This made it so you could go in any direction with the
topic and add whatever you wanted. The presentations today were also a
lot more interesting because the groups added humor to their
presentations. They also tried to use the people in the class in their
presentation which i think made the class pay more attention.

Minute Paper 2/21

Today's class was quite entertaining. Better than Tuesday? Differently. Although I feel that my group's presentation lacked proper organization, I felt that it some what helped with the deliverance of our message. It may have seemed that we had no clue what we were doing, but actually, it was because in our future, we were so dependent of technology that we as the people of that future can't think for ourselves. Nah I'm just trying to make our presentation seem a little better than it was. But none the less I can't say that I did not have fun with group members. Hpod was probably our best invention we thought of. "It's about the size of a sandwich" absolute genius! Today's class was definitely entertaining in the sense that the future can be protrayed in many ways. It just takes creativity and a little organization to make it happen.

I enjoyed today presentations more than Tuesday's. I felt like the groups that used humor especially got through to the class. The idea that these concepts could be a part of our future are exhilarating to even think about! Our group did the receding shore lines which is a major concern for Hawaii, earlier in the year the blue line presentation on all the buildings really showed what could happen if we don't take action now, and the way it looks from the response is that this will occur just that it happens slowly and through time that we really don't take much notice. I am excited to see what other theatrical events will occur. Have a good weekend everyone!

minute paper 2/21

From crazy monarchs to hilarious military strategists, I think that its safe to say that todays class was...... different. I had a really good time watching all the groups depict their interpretations of alternative futures. I believe it was very useful to do this type of thing a couple days in a row to help get us used to the concept of visually and interactively stimulating minds in the light of possible futures. I cant wait to do this collaborative project with the art students. Hopefully we can make the front page of the Honolulu Advertiser. hahahahaha. Thats hilarious. I can see it now...."Political Science Pranksters"

minutemen feb2108

i wonder if you actually read all of these.....
today was fun. i think everyone got the hang of it from tuesday, and all of the presentations seemed more lively today. It was easier to pay attention to them today than on tuesday. i like how interactive we are as a class and appreciate how everyone isn't rude or anything while a group is showing. it was really funny to see the examples of futureS projects done here in hawaii, and kind of encouraging for our furtureS project to come.

In todays class we continued our presentations. Todays presentation were a lot better then the previous presentations because there was more planning as well as more interaction with the people in the audience. I really enjoyed hearing everyones presentation and it was very interesting to see the different scenarios and how people decided to present them to the class. After the presentation Stuart talked about how his group did things like we did and they were interesting. I thought it was funny how they tricked everyone into believe that startbucks and tgi fridays were being put into china town. Todays class was fun and exciting.

Re: 1 Minute paper 2/21/2008

The future is unwritten but the possibilities are endless, and so are the ideas  a way that i see it is preparing for the worst or getting ready for the best. Today was good i noticed alot more visual aids than on the 19 everbody knows that showing someone a picture is alot easier than telling it to them. The topics were also very intertaining,funny etc... I think Our future in this world is better left undecided and most well should be sculpted by the people in our class. For if it were'nt for our new positive and endless ideas then there would be no hope for a future of Change. I thought the hawaiian recruitment team did the best today with the same idea of visual aids. that was  most likely  incorporated after a skit on tues but  it was very informal and had great ideas. the future is unknown ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Minute Paper 2/19

Just wanted to say that all the groups did a good job today. I enjoyed how each group thought of futures that I would not have thought of on my own. I think it was hard to do the first futures theatre because the domain was so broad. This second one is more detailed, but I think it will still be hard to do because I am not sure how we can incorporate all of that information to the class. I think the first futures theatre showed that we can use this type of thinking for almost any domain.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

minute paper [19 feb]

Today's class was entertaining. I enjoyed each group's presentations, everyone had such creative ideas! Like someone in class mentioned, many of the situations were ones that I probably wouldn't have ever thought of on my own. I especially liked the colonization group; it was cool to see the visuals of living establishments on mars.
Our next activity seems like it'll be fun. One comment that I do have is that it seems there isn't enough time to prepare with our groups. I think it would have been more efficient to allow more time to meet in class & discuss a plan of action. Everyone has such different ideas, having a little more time to organize them would be cool.

Minute Paper 2/19

I thought that today's class was quite entertaining.  Hearing all those different variations of possible futures really make them all quite possible to occur.  I felt that the project was a little rushed and that my group wasn't all that prepared, but I think we still did decently okay.  I thought that our future was quite plausible simply because of the fact that we are running out of oil in the world.  However, my favorite had to be the Mars colonization future.  That one was by far the most bizarre one out of all the presentations today.  Not only that but a lot of creativity went into that one.  Props to you guys for that presentation! 

futures theatre

in response to todays class, i really think it is interesting that the groups came up with such diverse ideas when given an open ended project. a lot of it was improvised i believe so its fun to experience creativity and relate it so closely with exactly what we have been reading about. i wasn't in class last thursday but it was great to sit into mario's groups and participate in delivering an interesting and thought provoking presentation about mars. he had done a lot of research already so my job was pretty easy. just like ruta, i loved the healthcare/medicine skit because health, wellness, and access to medicine that we are so used to getting easily is probably more important in our lives than we realize. i can't wait for next class period to see what all the groups have cooked up. my group hopes to entertain i believe as well as explore plenty of interesting and thought provoking ideas. i am also looking forward to the creative collaboration with the members of the group i am in. there will most likely be some fun improv going on.

Andrew's Minute Paper 2/19

I have to say, several details particularly stuck out to me from several of the presentations today as being very good ideas, some of which seem very much worth keeping in mind as potential inspiration for future presentations. One thing that can be said for all of them was that all seemed like things that, though some unexpected, could be related to current issues and ideas. Of the recycling presentation I particularly liked, as I had mentioned, the interaction with the audience. Another thing I found to be a very good tactic was the "news" article, because it both added another element and gave the audience something they could take away with them.
One thing I noticed that seemed to run through several of the "futures" was that many of them seemed not very positive. The best ones seemed to be neutral, such as the recycling, and to some degree the Mars colonization, while several others, my own groups included, portrayed fairly negative futures.

Minute paper (2/19/08)

We started off with group future theaters presentation and it was fun
and exciting. It's something for a change I guess after reading and
collaborative thinking in engaging the readings of different futurists.
One scenario that stands out for me in today's group presentation is
the one about medicine. Health is my biggest concern especially coming
from a small island with less medical attention. Hospital has
inadequate supply of medicines and equipment. People would have to
leave island in search of treatment off-island. Overall, all groups did
their best and were creative in different ways. The scenario about
planet Mars was scary and less realistic. I like how the group uses
visual aids to really see what they are trying to depict. I can't wait
for the next presentation and how each group performances become more
posted by ruta.

Minute Paper 2/19

Our future theater went well today. It was very diverse since the topic was so vague to begin with. My group's presentation as being the Starlight Group went well also, i know i was kinda nervous and i could hear it in my voice. Everyone's presentations went well and were very interesting and some of them made you think about how the future might be. For example, with using as much gasoline that we use now, our world will be depleted of its oil reserves. So this future theater made us think about how the future might be.

minutemen feb1908

Today's class was used listening to groups discuss their options for alternative futures for each of their decided topics. I like the wide array of topics discussed. The first group discussed the world's carbon signature and I found it to be a little confusing because I dont really know too much about it to begin with. I think a little background information would have been a little helpful in understanding their reasonings for their alternative future proposal. Otherwise, I thought the groups were entertaining.

minute paper 2/19

Like Mark said in class today, it was cool to see all the totally different domains that were touched upon today. The ones that hit home with me were the scenarios that seemed totally possible and close to current events. The "Starlight Corp." presentation was a good example of this. I really liked how they involved the class and made it seem realistic. I guess all of them were pretty close to current events, now that i think about it. Except maybe for the Mars presentation, which was just as great all the same. I think that it was interesting to think about the domains in light of each possibility--very enlightening. I enjoyed this class, and look forward to the presentations in the next.

Minute Paper

Today was all about the presentations on issues that could emerge in
the future. After seeing all of the presentations, i believe that any
of these situations are possible. Any of the situations could go in any
direction. The one i found most interesting was the thing about Mars.
Their presentation was about living on mars and how it only takes one
day to get to mars because they found away to travel as fast as light.
This situation show a continuation on the time line. I found every
presentation interesting today and i think that they could all be a
possible situation

feb 19

Today in class, We continued on from where we left off on last thursday class. The classmates were divided into many groups and we were applying all the ideas and theories we learned about the future and made up some wild theories of what future will be like in certain areas. As for my group, we decided to look at education's future and how it might change in 30 years. We said some stuff we came up with but ours wasn't the best. The most notable groups were the groups with visual aids and presentations that involved the crowd and included us in with their stories. Some of the stories they came up with was definitely plausible and worth hearing it. My group had really good story and everything too but we were just little unprepared on the visual aids and stuff. Nonetheless I definitely had fun talking to my group and made friends. It's this kind of works that interests the class and make them get involved. Future is something that is really open for any kind of interpretation so I think it's a great way to practice seeing things in broad concept. We need to see the world in this kind of manner. I missed one minute paper last thursday because I totally forgot stuart. I hope you understand.

Minute Paper 2/19

Today’s class was really engaging with an eclectic group of presentations on various possible futures. I think what particularly grabbed my attention where the different approaches that each group took when presenting their concepts, which kept each presentation fresh, unpredictable, and most importantly placed the audience in different types settings and situations.

Mark Alexander

minute paper

Today in class we presented our projects that pertained to issues that appear to be following the exponential growth rate formula. My favorite was the mars presentation by far. With the visual aids that showwed how it was done step by step, and the confidence that it already happened, I really believed that it was possible, and I am wholeheartedly convinced that we will be able to colonize mars.

I really enjoyed seeing all the diffrent ideas that each group had thought of and even more interesting was the many diffrent ways that we each thought of to present the issues. I really liked the recycling group presentation because as we all its a major issues and has always been a concern for our environment. I am also very excited to see what each of us will create with new group members and agian only 20 min in class to prepare. Have a good night everyone!


it was cool to see all of the different ideas that
everyone came up with today in class. One thing that
this lesson has taught me is that the placement of
possible futures into one of the four categories can
be quite subjective, at least that's the impression
that i've been given thus far. The presentations today
were all very creative and i enjoyed hearing the
variety of domains that each group selected. I thought
the most effective way day deliver a possibility for
the future was to make it relateable to as many people
as possible. We have a lot more to work with for this
next assignment, so it'll be interesting to see what
the different groups come up with it. It also seems
more difficult because there is so much to cover, and
im having a difficult time thinking of ways to utlize
visualize aids when the things that i've been coming
up with haven't yet come to pass. nonetheless it'll
definitely be fun to see the results. happy tuesday

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I came later to class today, and missed all the presentations except
mine and one other. I'm sorry I missed them, I wanted to see what ideas
you guys came up with. The one presentation that I did see was pretty
good. It's an interesting point to think about. If society does
collapse, you may have to do a drug deal to get a pill for yr head
ache. Another thing to think about is what will happen to all the
people that are hooked on anti-depressents, and that kind of stuff.

one minute paper 2/19

In todays class each group had to go up and describe what seniario they chose to do. My favorite was the mars group. I found it interesting and funny. I really enjoyed what they came up with, for how it was possible for us to live on mars and make colonize it. Then at the end of class we got into different groups and each got a scenario. I am going to work on my project and then we are going to present them on Thursday in class.

Monday, February 18, 2008

response to reading from valentines day

the four articles that we were supposed to read by last class were really fascinating. social inventions by dator was great because it really laid out the history of each revolution of though in modern society. also, dator encouraging all types of thinking, stressing on creativity and alternative possibilities i think is a really important point to make. its true that people have to let go of their inhibitions or fears of being wrong to really think of new and brilliant ideas. then  dator mentioned debono and lateral thinking using six "thinking hats." though each reference points are important it is the balance an combination of them all together that really makes a difference. one article is just like our "society in 2038" except it was set in 2016ish? it was a great point of view i thought but it was frightening to really sit down and think, "wow, this could really happen..." the other articles spoke of designing our society deliberating all possible futures so that we know what we want, what we can work for, and what we should really work to avoid. at the same time, i wouldn't be able to think of just one think that i would like for the future. i think the best thing we can do is eliminate bad options and keep our minds open. as it says in society and design, "improvement of an existing condition or state requires a clear vision of what is wanted, not a clear vision of what is not wanted." i have a hard enough time picking a major, let alone giving out feasible plans for the entire future. we just can't take ourselves too seriously right?